Saturday, October 30, 2010

Quick housekeeping thoughts

Blogging is egotistical in nature. I expect you to be interested in me and my thoughts on any given topic, as that's why you're here. I apologize, ahead of time (or tardily, seeing as how you're already reading this). Hmm...

I suck at designing the aesthetics of these kinds o' things. Forgiveness, please!

Postings here may very well be offensive. As stated, these are merely insights, thoughts, ideas, rants, media posts, and anything else I'm interested in. Read, but if you do so, I only ask you have an open mind.

I need to come up with a word (or two words, but no more) to end each post. It needs to be funny and witty. Any suggestions? I'm already leaning towards "Shenanigoats."


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