Monday, January 30, 2012

Post Peace Corps Travel?

Seeing as how my life dream is to just have a beer on as many different beaches with as many different people as possible, I figure that after my Peace Corps service, I should use my location as a jumping off point to somewhere, to get at least a taste of my dream.

When I was 12 years old, my great-grandmother Rose (Tutu) succumbed to cancer. Calling her 'incredible" would be an understatement, as she was a pioneer and consummate mental health professional and academic. Upon passing, she left a sizable inheritance to her children. With it, my beautiful, and now late, grandmother Geri treated Mom, Dad, Todd, Aunt Alisa, her partner Marty, herself, and I to an all expenses paid trip to Disney World. I can only guess the trip cost at least 15k and I can only infer that Grandma Tutu told Grandma Geri to use the money to do something that made her happy.

Grandma Geri, herself, also just succumbed to her own nine year long battle with cancer in December. Courtesy her and my father, I have also received an inheritance gift. Happiness... Happiness. I feel as if I should make sure I do something with the money that makes me happy, in honor of Grandma, just as she did when her mother passed. Now, granted, money is money and debts are debts, regardless of how they are accumulated. One pays off the other. This feels different, though. I could just apply it all to my school loans and (attempt to) make a dent in them (hah). I do love education and knowledge truly makes me happy. It would just feel strange receiving and spending the gift in that fashion.

So, coming full circle, after considerable thought, I want to explore travel options after my PC service ends. I am happiest when I am traveling, learning, sharing, and laughing. I want to see the world. Courtesy Grandma Geri, and in her honor, I will do so.

The question is, where? I'd love to hear suggestions from everyone! My initial thoughts, provided my nomination in Africa stays true, is to fly to India to bum around for awhile and make my way south through the country to hit my number one all time travel destination: the Maldives.

Not hard to see why. 

I've wanted to go to India since I lived in Japan. It just calls to me- the birthplace of Buddhism, learning from the extreme poor, the Taj Mahal. It's just a fascinating place and can and will change my perspective on life. As for the Maldives, it appears to be paradise. Additionally, if carbon emissions aren't cut and the world continues to warm, rising ocean levels will engulf the entire island country. The Maldives' president is already considering moving his country and his people

I can't live a life that has regrets or "should'ves." I don't know the next time I will have the opportunity to travel as I please and experience parts of the world most never have. I'm young and healthy and have little, if any, obligations. 

Your opinions, please?

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