Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Peace Corps is Ruining My Sleep

During one's Peace Corps application process, PC will periodically send emails notifying an individual when their application status has been updated. Regardless of how big or small of an update, if anything about your application changes, you are notified. Typically, these emails are sent at completely inopportune times- 2:00-4:00 am.

Over the course of my fling with the Peace Corps application process, I have received my share of update notifications. As I progress through, however, updates become less frequent and more major. At this point, with all my dental and medical exams submitted, I am anticipating one of two things with my next inordinately early morning update- excitement or disappointment... or to be more specific, medical and dental clearance or the expectation of additional medical/dental work, respectively.

Again, that being said, Peace Corps is infringing on my ability to sleep seven to eight undisturbed hours every night. Of course I have my phone right next to my bed as I sleep. It's my entertainment, connection to the world, and alarm clock for the mornings. Lately, every night I am so excited to wake up to a notification that I feel I'm getting that "I'm 90% asleep and the 10% of me that isn't is obsessing over Peace Corps." I even will check my email when my iPhone makes that "email ding" when one has been received. Being blurry eyed and feeling my eyes strain from the bright glow of my phone will also not prevent me from checking to see if it is Peace Corps getting off on destroying me. Of course, if it is 3:34 am and I do actually get an email from them, then I also have to check what the update says.

I live in a perpetual state of disappointment.  If, by some miracle, I don't wake up during the night to check my email, it is obviously the first thing I do. Peace Corps email... Scanning... Living Social, Amazon, New Egg, Groupon. Ugh. I know twenty four more hours resides between me and potentially receiving my next dose of crack application status update. The day comes and goes, and I still check my status at my Peace Corps Toolkit website, full well knowing that an update did not just materialize during the day. Then, as bedtime approaches, I begin thinking (again) that tonight could be the night and I get ready for my 90/10 doze hopes high as ever, ready to repeat their daily crash. Bad sleep is bad. Bad sleep is worse after waking up multiple times a night to check my email, strain my eyes, and fall asleep disappointed, only ever ready to do it again tomorrow.


  1. This made me laugh really hard, I know exactly what this is like! It's gotten worse for me, though, since I found out my invite was mailed...I have nightmares that I get an invite meant for someone else, I show up for staging without any luggage, etc...or I have dreams that my invitation comes and it's for some country I was hoping for and I'm so happy/excited and then I wake up. It's awful!

  2. Hah! Oh my. I can only imagine that is going to be as soon as I get my "invitation has been mailed" update. I hope you get your desired country!