Saturday, March 10, 2012

Born To Run

I really need to read Born To Run. All I know about it is that a runner/journalist researches a native people in Mexico who can literally run 100+ miles at a time. That is simply mindboggling. "Oh yeah, I'm just going to run to Portland. I'll be there in a few hours."

How do their bodies not break down, especially with a lack of modern medicine, or, hell, even ice packs? I can already feel my legs just being shredded from marathon training. Any time I do any kind of running, I immediately feel little nagging annoyances in my glutes, hammies, both Achilles, knees. I need a freakin' ice bath after a two mile interval run.

Granted, this tribe's existence is based on running and they do it from birth to death and their bodies are conditioned for it from day one. It's just phenomenal.

Your secrets. I need them.

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