Thursday, April 12, 2012

Clairvoyance and Dental Clearance

Have you ever thought you could predict the future? As nutty as I'm going to sound, I sometimes think I have the ability. Take last night, for instance. For the past two months, while I have been hopeful to hear from Peace Corps about my medical and dental clearance, I have generally taken a lassez-faire attitude towards it, aka "it's never going to happen."

However, last night, I just had a really strong feeling like I was going to hear something, good or bad. I sleep with my phone a mere foot away from my head. It's my phone, music, news, alarm clock, spam device e-mail. Needless to say, as sad as it is, it is the first thing I look at to begin my day and the last thing I see to end my day. Knowing full well that PC mass mails their Volunteers who received an update the previous day at 200 am (PDT), and simultaneously knowing I blind myself when looking at my phone at that hour, I acted on my flash of insight. I pre-loaded my log-in info to PC's application status website to save time/eyesight. For some reason, I absolutely knew I would get an update.

Now, I have never done this. Again, I'm always super hopeful and have been waking up mightily disappointed for the past six weeks minimum. I awoke at 130. Bah, too early. I once again awoke at 154. Close. I told myself, "Try again in eight minutes," and zonked again. I woke with a start at 257. Zounds!

I checked my e-mail. There it was. Peace Corps: Your status has been updated. Please log-in to view the changes.

Upon checking it out, I learned about clearing my dental exam. I stared at it with a bit of disbelief. I hadn't heard from them in almost two months on the dot, so it was hard to believe I had finally received communication from PC again. While in the grand scheme of things dental clearance is a relatively small thing (at least when compared to receiving the invite itself), it feels so good to finally inch a little bit further.

This bit of news could have not come at a better time. I've been having difficulty accepting such a pedestrian life lately, feeling I'm wasting ideas, talent, and passion at my current job. If I wasn't in the best physical and mental health I've experienced in many years, I'm certain I'd be on the road to depression. Regardless, this was a huge pick-me-up. I hope the ball starts rolling quickly again.


  1. power to you dude! I just received my medical/dental clearance and now I'm in the placement stage. I've been in touch with my recruiter who had asked if I was willing to move my departure date to the end of June......of course I I'm waiting to see what's coming in the mail! good luck to you !

  2. Much obliged, Martin. Congrats on making your way through the process! Hope you get your ideal location!