Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I love writing. Creating with words and painting pictures for my audience brings me great joy. I am finally beginning to learn about the types of writing that I have talent for (recounting stories), those I have interest in (haiku), and those that are overwhelming because they are far beyond my knowledge (creative short stories). While a majority of this blog serves to regurgitate in spectacular fashion stories of both minor and major importance in my life, I would also like to begin to incorporate some other writing into it (e.g. haiku), if only to keep my writing/blogging sharp and up to date.

I enjoy haiku because it is short and simple, yet complex enough to be thought provoking. I don't feel overwhelmed by including the necessary fluency, consistency, depth, and any/everything else necessary for a short story to convey plot, theme, and message. Rather, while haiku is able to tell both a short and long story and leave much up to the audience to provoke deeper thought, they may also be simple, straight forward, and humorous. 

My haiku will rarely have a title, for I want you, the reader, to absorb it without being primed as to the subject. 

Alas, I am far too long winded on this subject. At least weekly, I will begin posting haiku I have written. I hope you enjoy.

Amidst clouds
Confusion ensues until
The light beckons us

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