Monday, October 22, 2012

Peace Corps Thailand

Yes, that's right. I'm going to live in Thailand from 14 January 2013 until 23 March 2015. I'll be apart of the Teacher Collaborator and Community Service program, serving as a Teacher Collaborator and Community Facilitator. I will work at an elementary school (YES!) teaching English, collaborating with teachers on participatory lesson plans, and creating after-school programs. I will learn how to speak, read, and write Thai. The rest of this entry are many (but certainly not all) of the awesome things I presume I will also be doing. Enjoy.

Play with and teach awesome Thai kids
Live in and collaborate with a rural Thai community
Pray with Buddhist Monks
Study Buddhism
Explore the epic awesomeness of Bangkok
Ride elephants in Chaing Mai
Revel on Thailand's pristine beaches
Visit amazing Thai Buddhist temples
Celebrate amazing festivals (Loi Kathrong)


  1. I absolutely love where I'm posted, but I'm a little jealous! Thailand is high on my places-to-visit list. Congratulations!!! Yeah, and those last few months before you leave go by REALLY fast...but then again so have the 5 months I've been here...

  2. And it's so weird to me that they do invites by email now! No more blue envelopes?

  3. Hi Sarah! I hope you're doing well. I fell into Thailand accidentally, actually... For a few months during the (old) application process, I wasn't entirely sure whether Peace Corps was for me and I neglected all contact with them. When I decided to continue forth, my original nomination of SSA/September was just past, and, well, now I'm going to Thailand, my number one choice. So lucky. So, so lucky. And yes, email invites. Had I continued without the three month break, I would have had to wait the blue envelope like you! The email is fun tho... I freaked out at work, running out of the bathroom like a madman :)

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