Wednesday, January 30, 2013

It's the Little Things

I definitely had a wonderful day today. Reflecting upon it on my ride home helped me put it into words to share. However, I realized that it really is the little things that are, in fact, big deals. I've already received advice from current volunteers that it's important to list the successes you feel day to day. So, here's a list of them from today, which really invigorates me for my upcoming service.

I greeted and conversed with a number of Thai community members to and from work.
I actually ordered food from/asked/talked with Thai vendors and school employees.
I played with kids a bit at a school after language class.
As a result of the previous three, I felt more community integration occurring (or mad IRB-ing as PC might put it).
We had an awesome talk about Buddhism, including its effects on Thai culture, in language/culture class and I was able to help supply answers and perspective.
I sustained communication with Host-mom for a good hour after dinner in both Thai and English and shared many looks, smiles, and laughs. I felt closer to my host-family tonight.
Hell, I even navigated my own fried fish today. They're always fried whole and it's a bit intimidating eating a whole animal like that. Usually Host-mom cuts up a bite/cleans out the bones for me... But today I was a big boy and did it myself!
Just in general, I felt better acclimated to Thai culture and language, and reveled in the success. However, I'm keeping in mind tomorrow's a new day with its own challenges. Therefore, I'm remain steadfast and resolute.

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  1. So wonderful to hear that things are going so well for you. Keep it up, love!