Thursday, January 24, 2013

"Let Me Explain!"

In my previous post, I make mention that I am now currently working, at minimum, twelve hour days. I want to elaborate on my new weird life and how it makes me perfectly happy now.

Days begin at six a.m. to shower, eat, and bike 3.5-6 miles (depending on the day's location). There, volunteers learn Thai language and culture, become informed about and get vaccinated against innumerable diseases many may or may not have even heard of (nor wish for even their worst enemy to contract), train (and re-train) about safety and security (essentially, don't be a moron or an asshat, and you should be just fine), receive technical training in how to do our jobs, and begin the transition from America to Thailand in general. All of this lasts until five, at which point we bike home (so, for PST at least, I'll be biking 12-14 miles a day), shower, rest, eat dinner with the host-family, study Thai, prep for the next day, blog/Facepage/communicate with loved ones back home, and finally sleep to prepare to repeat the process in eight hours or less.

I've never been so busy in my life... but I love it.

I see five people riding on a motosai, children yelling while wrapped underneath their parent's track jacket while riding a motosai, a woman running her fingers through fish entrails as if to massage them, street dogs everywhere, gecko-esque lizards running around inside the house, bikers pulling their best Pokemon imitations and attacking aggressive dogs with a water-based squirt attack, and dough-fried-in-oil-sauteed-in-butter-and-doused-in-evaporated-milk-and-sugar vendors, and I don't think twice about it. A week ago, my mind would have literally been boggling. Now, the stranger it is, the more normal it appears to me. I've been here just shy of two weeks, and I've already developed a "Oh, Thailand" mantra, in that, culturally speaking, things are just weird now, and my life is also now weird.

All of this wouldn't be as bearable as it is without the amazing company with whom I have the pleasure of indulging. Truly, there are a number of individuals with whom I would totally be friends with back home in the States. Like, for true, and not just saying that because other PCVs may in fact be reading this entry. People are legit here, and, frankly, I have to assume it's because it takes a certain something for someone to be a PCV. Now that we're all here, it's easy to spot those traits in every single person, and as far as I'm concerned, they're admirable traits that bring us all closer as we experience this new existence together.

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  1. So happy for you. FYI, you were definitely weird before you left. Maybe all the PCVs are weird and that's the special trait you speak of :). Can't wait to maybe meet everyone! At any rate, I love this entry and I love and miss you. <3