Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My Host-dad is a Boss. Literally.

I should have known from the start. When I met my host family for the first time, it was Host-mom and, unbeknownst to me at the time, Driver Henchman (more on this later). I assumed Driver Henchman was my host-father, as he accompanied Host-mom, but was noticeably absent from any of the activities done during that time. He was cordial enough, with smiles and head-nods, but still did not participate. I considered it strange, but thought it could have been that his "wife" had more interest in hosting a PCV much more so than he, and he was merely going along with it. After eventually meeting real Host-dad, I have realized a number of things.

First, he is literally a boss. From what I can gather, he is a very high ranking city official (read: mayor-esque) in the district Si Prachan. As in many societies, money and/or status often command respect, and Thailand is not much different. When his status is combined with his age, Host-dad is highly respected in our entire area. Everywhere we go, he receives crazy wai. He is constantly throwing out fliff, not even counting it. He just runs shit and gets it done.

Perks: Eating awesome food immediately after sitting down at eateries; receiving wai by proxy; primo parking spots; driving way faster than everyone else because he knows all the police in town; employing others to do your bidding...

So, for this entry (and hilarity)'s sake, I'm going to call these employed individuals our henchman. We have four major henchmen, and a number of other minor henchman-

Driver Henchman: As his namesake implies, he drives us everywhere. He's a larger fellow, likely capable of picking up and/or throwing down individuals who may or may not necessarily endanger Host-dad, Host-mom, me, or other henchman. He is constantly on the watch out for me and the others- Drinks only water (and not whiskey) at dinners and likes giving me shit, getting my impression of Thai wimmenz.

Right Hand Man Henchman: Right Hand Man Henchman (RHMH) ensures Host-dad's and everyone else's comfort. He runs errands, ensures people have drinks, watches out for others, pulls pranks, and sleeps when his services aren't necessary. RHMH is essentially the jack-of-all-trades henchman- serviceable at everything, excels at nothing. RHMH serves his role exceptionally satisfactorily.

Joker Henchman: Now, I'm not entirely sure of Joker Henchman's role in the posse. He laughs a lot though, and appears to get picked on. Joker Henchman may in fact just be in charge of entertainment. In reality, he really seems to just be a support henchman, capable of anything should the need arise.

Always Around Henchman:  Again, Always Around Henchman's role is pretty unclear as well. He is basically support henchman number two. He watches out, he jokes, he drinks whiskey with me- whatever needs to be done. While seemingly along for the ride, he appears to earn his keep.

Minor henchman are merely around- They horse around, entertain Host-dad and others, tend to what needs tending- nothing too crazy. They come and go around the compound, but rarely/never accompany us on posse runs.

I gotta say, shit's pretty real. It's pretty baller not only knowing someone of import, but also running on the inside. Peace Posh  Peace Corps indeed.

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  1. Enjoy while you can, Jay...The "bucket" awaits you.. ;o}