Monday, January 21, 2013

Random Thai Thoughts, Observations, and Anecdotes

After only eight days in Thailand, here are some thoughts and experiences I find funny:

When merely existing in the heat and humidity, it feels like you're breathing cheese.

I'm afraid of causing a car/motosai wreck due to stares because I'm a foreigner in a rural region.

Dogs chasing you on your bike cause adrenaline to pump quickly.

It sucks mistakenly drinking an energy drink expecting it to be a rehydration drink filled with electrolytes.

I can't stop sweating.

The electric pumps pumping water from the canal to nowhere confuse me.

From the time time I wake up to the time I get to bed, I literally work for 12+ hours a day, training, studying, vaccinating.

Our medical officer/doctor talks about poop a bunch and hilariously touches his butt often. He also says things like "vaginal flora, rip roaring diarrhea,  and germs that are 'bad players.'"

I think I might have given Host-mom the idea I wanted to watch her shower when I was asking her if I could see how she operates the electric water heater.


  1. wait, vaginas have FLOWERS, now!?!? i mean, don't get me wrong, it's been since college and all... but i don't remember flowers down there.

  2. Random Thai Thoughts, Observations, and Anecdotes? Come on--try harder. The franchise name Thai Thoughts and Anecdotes has been used and marketed by me for over ten years on the website. Try harder.