Thursday, February 28, 2013

And My New Home Is...

Chumphon, Thailand!

Monday we finally received our sites after seven long weeks of training. The last six hours of waiting were definitely the most agonizing, as it was the final piece of the Peace Corps puzzle (nomination, invitation, site placement). The Peace Corps Thailand staff did an absolutely brilliant job presenting us our invitations (which I won't spoil for 126 and beyond!). The excitement in the room was electric, easily one of the best sensations of my life. It was impossible to not be stupid happy while watching everyone else receive their site assignment; definitely the highest point of my adventure so far.

This week we have been practicing the language required to buy our own tickets to travel to site, and role-playing calling our counterparts, buying bus/train tickets to our site, and introducing ourselves to the community and its many members- total whirlwind. Tomorrow we finally make our way into Bangkok to check out the Posh Corps office and do some initial surveying of the BKK scene. Finally, Colin, Nancy, and I are the only 125 southerners, so we are going to travel together on an air conditioned train car for an exceptionally long overnight trip.

Today, we got to finally speak to our counterparts, and while initially nervous, all inhibitions melted away upon hearing my co-teacher's first few words/shrieks of excitement. Kruu Oy (Teacher Oy, nickname), was incredibly happy to speak to me (potentially much more so than virtually every other person, ever). We spoke briefly, in Thai and English, about my travel plans and when to expect my arrival. She was thrilled, and her excitement was a huge shot in the arm for me too.

I can't wait to visit Chumphon, meet my future co-workers, check out my new digs, and really get prepped for the whole adventure begin...

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  1. Good luck, Kruu Jay! Looks to be a gorgeous environment!