Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I Just Lost My Towel In Front Of My 73 Year Old Aunt

At dinner, while eating some delicious coagulated duck blood soup (delicious, by the way), I spilled some broth on my very light colored khaki shorts. Bummer dude. I was unable to shower until a couple of hours later and I was desperate to hit my shorts with some soap and water to hopefully lift the stain. I clean them while in the shower. After finishing up, since they were still quite wet, I decided to just carry my shorts out and wrap my towel around my waist, a la a pakaman (or Thai man-skirt, used for relaxing in the house, wiping one's face, hands, balls, etc.).

I approach Bpaa Lem to plead for her to help out with my laundry while at work tomorrow (at Host-mom's behest) due to being gone over the weekend visiting my site Chumphon (!!) for the first time. I use my best and most polite Thai, and it's no big deal.

"Kob khun maak krap, rat dri sawat (thank you, good night)" and limp away with my casted foot. I am just two steps from my bedroom door and my towel totally falls off my body. "Hmm. Uhh... Kou toht krap (I'm sorry!)." Bpaa Lem just lets out a howl and can hardly speak. Fortunately for everyone involved, I had underwear on, but I imagine Bpaa Lem has never seen a grown ass foreigner in their underwear before. "Mai bpen rai (don't worry about it) is uttered between guffaws. I give a sheepish smile and enter my room.

A split second later I pop my head out and retort "Faan di." Sweet dreams. Bpaa Lem nearly spits out her soup.