Thursday, March 7, 2013

Chumphon Reflection

To even possibly poorly recap my site visit to Chumphon this past weekend would be difficult, but I really want to share all about it. So to satisfy this urge and also not fall prey to my OCD tenancies to need to include every detail, I will make two lists- the first will briefly explain what I did and the second will share my feelings in general. Ok mai? Ok krap.

List 1: What I Did
  1. Stayed in a kinda fancy hotel.
  2. Ate a lot (ridic spicy food, lots of (surprisingly delicious) seafood). It's a good thing I only identify with with Judaism culturally.
  3. "Met" two host families/potential houses to stay at, but actually introduced to only one family.
  4. But said family has an incredibly beautiful home, has at least a couple acres of fruit and gardens, makes their own organic fertilizer and bug killing concoction, and is super jai di (good people).
  5. Visited a coffee farm that raises musks to use their poo to grow coffee.
  6. Visited a toilet garden and learned how Thai use poo colloquialisms in daily language.
  7. Visited my new school, co-workers, and education office (and workers). 
  8. Had to introduce myself in Thai and English to ~1,000 kids and adults.
  9. Hung out on the beach.
  10. Ate more.
List 2: Impressions
  1. It's a beautiful, sleepy, coast town that loves its sports. My school has mad sporting trophies. A teacher I will work with is part of a running group in town and travels all over Southern Thailand running informally and in races, and invited me to join (she also saw one of her groupmates and told him about me and my level).
  2. My school works with at-risk and developmentally delayed kids- a pretty rare occurrence in much of Asia.
  3. There appears to be mad support for English education, from the school on through the local education office.
  4. I felt valued and cared for while there.
  5. The food was fresh, delicious, and spicy. Additionally, if you haven't had Thai grown fruit, I'm afraid to inform you that you have not yet truly eaten fruit.
  6. I am stupid lucky.
I get to call this home for two years.

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  1. :D So so happy for you. So much to look forward to!