Monday, March 11, 2013

Friday Five: Music That Gets Me Through

I know it's Monday. I also know I posted my series premier of Friday Five on a Thursday (like, twelve minutes before midnight, Friday). That being said, this (past week's) Friday Five focuses on music that I have been relying on for a variety of reasons- remind me of home, keep me close to Nadia (simultaneous jam sesh!), relax away from all things Thai, and/or just veg out. These five artists' albums hold a special place in my heart (in alphabetical order):

  1. alt-J: An Awesome Wave: Incredibly solid album- fresh, funky, different. Super talented dudes obviously just doing what they love. From the first track to the last, one can easily listen through the entire album, never once thinking of hitting the skip button. 
  2. Coheed and Cambria: The Afterman: Ascension: Probably my favorite band, and one that ranks highly for Nadia as well. After a huge swing-and-a-miss on their previous album, Ascension is the first of a dual album (Descension), that really returns to C&C's epic roots and delivers songs/stories reminiscent of their earlier work. The songs are grandiose at times. Perhaps the reason it makes this list is that is was released while I was still in the States and Nadia and I had a few good rawk sessions to it while driving to various locales.
  3. Miike Snow: Miike Snow: This album recalls many fond memories of home- My last organized race (half marathon PR) I listened to Miike Snow exclusively, the song Sylvia reminds me of Nadia (as it is one of our favorite songs of all time), and it is also a unique sound. Unique like Eugene and Portland. 
  4. Of Monsters and Men: My Head Is An Animal: Probably my favorite album I've listened to in years. Ultra talented, these artists have produced a truly genius album. The musics, lyrics, and stories told are second to none, really. I have high hopes for OMaM's future endeavors.
  5. Passion Pit: Manners: This is just a fun album. It puts me in a great mood; gets me excited for the day, regardless of what's ahead.
As a side note, I suck at writing reviews/feelings about albums. This is prolly the last time I ever do this sort of Friday Five, hah.

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  1. Sooo...these are pretty much the exact albums I have been listening to nonstop for months. Alt-j I just can't get out of my head...and omam has earned a place in my top three forever. Listen to Sylvia almost everyday and still not sick of it :)

    Also...nice pink font.