Thursday, March 14, 2013

Friday Five: The New Normal

Today's Friday Five consists of things in life that I would never have thought normal... Until moving to Thailand and living here for just over two months. Now, I don't even bat an eye.
  1. Cats outside, literally on the doorstep, furiously mating, fighting, and/or meowing all at once. 
  2. Sharing my living space(s) with huge ants, little lizards, ugly frogs, and annoying flies.
  3. Legitimately kvetching about spending more than 30 Baht on anything (roughly equivalent to one USD).
  4. Getting chased by only one vicious and/or protective dog minus a bite on my way to work constitutes a successful bike ride. 
  5. Sweating through all my clothes throughout the day, to the point that they are perma-moist and sticking to me. Also, I stink horrendously, and just don't care. Why? Because everyone else is doing it, too.

1 comment:

  1. There are no "ugly frogs". I could certainly do without the bugs, though!