Saturday, March 23, 2013

Friday Five: Strangest Foods Consumed Thus Far

Self explanatory. Aroi scale ranges from one to gorge.
  1. Meal worms- Not as bad as one might think, really. They're fried and salted. They're kind of airy though, so when you bite into them, it lacks any real meaty texture, and your teeth rend their little insect bodies with little satisfaction. Four out of gorge.
  2. Cockroach yang- Grilled cockroach. They're a bit intimidating to eat, what with their huge buggy black eyes and tough exterior. However, once getting through their exo-skeleton and masticating their delicious meat, you'll be hooked. Not bad for a little bugger who consumes trash. Six out of gorge.
  3. Duck feet- Nothing to explain here. As gross as you'd expect. Negative two out of gorge.
  4. A whole scorpion- I ended up with scorpion parts all over my teeth. Texture was funny, not really meaty. Meh. Three out of gorge. 
  5. Duck blood guai-tiao- This is soup in a dark broth. It has noodles, green onions, some green vegetable, duck meat, and coagulated duck blood cubes. It's actually really delicious, and if no one told you you were eating duck blood cubes, you'd just think it was dark tofu. GORGE OUT OF GORGE.

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