Monday, June 17, 2013

BKK Weekend In Haiku Form

I spent the previous weekend in Bangkok for "medical reasons," a la on Peace Corp's dime, but really, it's also a reason to see people and catch up (hi, taxpayers!). I don't get to make it into BKK often since it is time and cost prohibitive. So every time I get to go, I try to enjoy myself (read: indulge, be a tourist; especially when Peace Corps pays for my transportation and some of my lodging).

As such, having fun in one of the most amazing cities in the word, there are always bound to be stories to share. I feel like there are a lot of ways to convey all these hilarious tidbits as well- prose, expository, poems, narrative, among myriad others. However, I enjoy the art of Haiku for this visit because Haiku share the basic information about the stories, yet leave it up to you to both interpret and imagine what the hell could be happening (which, in all honesty, could literally be anything and everything due to the sheer fact it occurred in Bangkok). Please, enjoy.

Deep fried pork sandwich
Both alluring, atrocious
I quickly regret

No shoes means no club
Ole' shoe switcharoo should do
Alas, they boot us 

Connect four, I rule
Gonna ruin some kid's day
Sad, I am that kid

Bleeding orifice
Illness, trouble down under
Such is PCV life

Lasers to the eye
Others' sweat and booze soil me
Dance club, you foul beast

Bacon, eggs, chili
These ornaments adorn
Best burgers ever

Pitbull, distaste fails
To accurately convey
My feelings for you

The true sin city
Bangkok has something for you
What does your heart wish?

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