Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Friday Five: Thai Things I Will (Accidently) Bring Home

Writing this title was hard, as I had no idea how to properly express what I mean in so few words that are common of a blog entry title. Essentially, there are things that have happened to me literally every single day upon arriving in Thailand and when I do eventually leave this country, I will probably carry on the tradition for quite some time. So don't be surprised/annoyed/bothered by them.

1. I will ask you every time I see if you've eaten yet. If you answer yes, I will ask what you ate and if it was delicious. If you answer no, I'll immediately start scanning the area for food to give you. If we meet in public and your answer is no, I'll get in the nearest restaurant line and ask what you want to order.

If I see you in public, I will ask where you're going and what you're doing there. Then I'll ask if you've eaten yet.

2. I will wai  you at least once when we first interact again after my return home. If you do something nice for me, a thank you is bound to include a wai. Every day is filled with upwards of 20 wai per day. Hard to break a habit when you perform it that much, regardless of it being the "incorrect culture." After I wai, I'll ask if you've eaten yet.

3. I will respond to inquiries with as few words as possible and attempt to remove any linguistic clutter, such as "a," "the," "to," and possessives and subjects from sentences. Hell, I might even ignore tense and be confused when you can't imply it from the conversation. Perhaps I'll ask, "You eat?"

4. I won't ever shoes in your house, and I will ask you to take yours off when you enter mine. Imagine all the places your shoes take you, and all the places you may wear them in your house. Ew. After I enter your house without shoes, or vice versa, I'll make sure you've already eaten something.

5. I will stop by your house, unannounced, and bring some fruit just because. (Not so) Coincidentally, I will wai you, speak abruptly, and take off my shoes before entering your house. I'll have been concerned you haven't eaten yet. 


  1. Are you sure the Thai people are not the Lost Tribe?

  2. I tried to have a "shows off" house once. People stopped coming over... :o)