Sunday, June 2, 2013

What If I Was An Elephant?

What if I was an elephant?

Elephants aren’t made to suffer bi-pedal indignities-
Ignorance, consumption, injustice.
Elephants set their own elephant agenda with their elephant size.

Oh, to have a trunk!
No delectable fruit out of reach, no one safe from a watery blast, and the sounds to be made.
What an enviable appendage!

One plodding foot in front of the other, elephants come and go as they please-
Mud, beach, jungle.
The world’s a veritable playground, wanting to be explored.

Gazing across the jungle, my mind runs rampant.
try as I might, I’ll never know that joy
Of all the elephants, why couldnt i have been one?
just one, just one, any one…

what do i do today?
i liked yesterday! eat, nap, play, nap, eat, play, eat

dont frustrate or anger me
i stampede first and think second

im not full of fruit
lets eat some fruit

marvel at my ears and eyes!
im cuter than any beast on two legs

i cant imagine not being me!


  1. Many thanks to my lovely Nadia for helping me with the details of this poem <3