Thursday, September 19, 2013

Friday Five: Riddle Edition


1. I parade up and down the same street in a repetitive fashion, flailing my arms, for upwards of twenty minutes. What am I?

2. I am filled with bright colorful lights, over-the-top Thai music and singers, yet act as an icebox and bed, have a carrying capacity of thirty, and am mobile. What am I?

3. I am in a state of virtually complete undress, yet moving at roughly forty kilometers/hour. I likely have little to no shame left. What am I?

4. I gyrate, make perhaps-innocent-to-Thais-but-not-too-innocent-or-subtle-to-Westerners sexual gestures, and mimic what was heard from the moving picture box. What am I?

5. "Where you go?" "Gin kaao ru yang?" "I love you!" "Farang!" "Oh HO! Farang puut dai!" What am I?

*answers are below, don't scroll any further if you want to try to guess first


1. A Thai individual exercising.

2. An overnight karaoke bus.

3. A school director going to a local store on his motorbike and in his underwear (I saw this at a PCV's site). 

4. A (many) sixth grade boys.

5. A Peace Corps volunteer in their local market, amidst the shouts from community members most commonly heard. 

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