Friday, December 27, 2013

Friday Five: Thai Superstitions

I'd like to think that superstitions are universal. Obviously not the exact superstition itself, but the fact that they exist. I bet even Spock had his, which could have been living under the superstition that acting in the most logical manner would always yield the best results in any given situation (which, to any person who's seen the Star Trek movies, is false as long as you have a Kirk around). I digress, though. I think all persons act a little "funny" or "irrationally" with regard to something in their life. I know I definitely do, and I know Thai people definitely do, too.

1. Drinking water in the morning: A big no no. You're going to get sick. I guess. How else do I hydrate?

2. Walking in the rain: Poor choice. You're going to get sick. I guess. This one is particularly hilarious being an individual from the beautiful Pacific Northwest. It rains 75% of the year, and if you see someone with an umbrella, you know they're from California.

3. Ghosts: This is a big one here. People truly believe they exist and can curse people, are bad luck, etc. They also serve as convenient excuses/rationales.

4. Eating chicken when injured: Apparently if you eat chicken while you're on the mend, you won't heal. So lay off the kaao man gai, kaao pat gai, and gai yaang. (chicken with ginger rice, chicken fried rice, grilled chicken, respectively; courtesy Colin)

5. Having a blazing fire underneath the bed of a newborn and its mother: Don't say, "It's hot," because it's bad luck if you do! (Courtesy Jes)

Note one: I can't offer much more explanation than this, because these are only observations/anecdotes/convos I've experienced, all sans details.

Note two: This is the first Friday Five I've posted on an actual Friday in months. Hooray!

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  1. I hope you're not superstitious having posted on the actual day... You may jinxed the whole idea of a due date. :) I am enjoying your journey.