Saturday, January 18, 2014

Friday Five: For The Love Of Infographics

I'm quite a sucker for pretty data, especially data that tells a story. Infographics are wonderful tools, as they synthesize information quickly, doll it all up, and "PRESTO!" You have an enticing, visual story. Meanwhile, since I've been living in Thailand, I've developed a far less busy social life and, in some ways, less responsibilities. This is pretty common among PCVs (or at least them having more time on their hands during service), and I've definitely explored a variety of ways to fill this time.

Today, I present to you one of those ways. I was reading about a Portland non-profit, the Center for Earth Leadership, and some of their "Eco-Tips" to live a greener life. I looked at their "Why Buy Local Food?" tipsheet and liked it, but felt it was a little... bland. This kind of information is so useful! But when it's just black text on a white document, people might be more inclined to skim through, or ignore, it all together. Considering kids these days and their lack of attention spans, unless a medium's main point can be absorbed in less than 140 characters or pretty pictures, they're liable to be ignored completely. Naturally, I thought to myself:
Though I have no design skills, no experience creating infographics, and am woefully pitiful creating illustrations, I figured absolutely nothing could go wrong and that I should give it a shot. I want to thank my lovely partner, Nadia, for aiding in the design and overall placement of info and graphics.

Here's that shot, presented for your infotainment.

I figure there's five of something on here to qualify for a Friday Five. I've just been too lazy to think/blog/do because Thailand.

Also, apologies for how tiny this became after resizing it. I had to squash the graphic to fit into the boarders of the entry's text field. This image certainly is not optimal, but I can email you a full sized version should you ask for one!

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